Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA



The Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA 24mm is a collaboration between Wotofo and Mike Vapes. The RDA features a large postless dual-coil deck that is extremely easy to build on, with four terminals. The Dual delivers the same rich flavour as the original Recurve RDA, with a preinstalled 810 resin drip tip. The internal cap is reduced to help gather the vapour, providing you with exceptional flavour and massive clouds. 

This RDA is ideal for use between 40W - 120W, and it also includes a squonking pin. It features adjustable side airflow with a durable stainless steel build, whilst the insulator is made from German PEEK. The 6 honeycomb airholes on both sides allow the airflow the hit the coils directly to increase flavour production.


  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Overall Height: 34mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)
  • Threading: 510 thread
  • Drip Tip: 810
  • Body Material: Stainless steel
  • Coil Configuration: Dual Coil
  • Juice Feeding Method: Drip/Squonk
  • Insulator Material: German PEEK
  • Wattage Range: 40-120W

Coil Specifications:

  • Coil: Quad Core Fused Clapton
  • Material: Ni80
  • Inner Core: 28G × 4
  • Outer wire: 36G
  • Internal Diameter: 3mm
  • Single Build Resistance: 0.26ohm
  • Dual Build Resistance: 0.13ohm


  • 1 x Recurve Dual RDA
  • 1 x Coil Trimming Tool
  • 1 x Squonk Pin
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x bag Coils
  • 1 x bag Organic Cotton
  • 1 x bag Extra Orings & Screws