Crazy Wire Kanthal A1 Round Wire

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Crazy Wire

Crazy Wire FeCrAl wire is well known around the world for its amazing heat resistant properties.

Over time FeCrAl has become the go-to heat resistant wire and is often referenced by wire suppliers under their own brand or trade name.

It is especially popular within the vaping community due to its capacity to handle very high temperatures.

Specification of Wire:
0.2mm (200 Micron - 32AWG)
0.4mm (400 Micron - 26AWG)
0.5mm (500 Micron - 24AWG)
0.64mm (600 Micron - 22AWG)
0.8mm (800 Micron - 20AWG)

A thorough understanding of Ohm's Law is essential before using Crazy Wire products. DO NOT USE if you do not understand safe battery parameters or rebuildable safety!